about us

vision and goals

our vision

Empowered immigrant women business leaders
supporting and uplifting each other

our goals

Build open, lasting, and impactful relationships

  • Build sustainable and mutually beneficial networks

  • Create a safe space for honest communication

  • Foster relationships and friendships among members

Navigate the challenges and opportunities of the U.S. business market

  • Help members navigate the business world

  • Help each other overcome obstacles such as language barriers and discrimination

Grow ourselves and our businesses

  • Become stronger people, leaders, business owners, and community members

  • Grow our businesses

  • Make positive contributions to the community and be positive role models

  • Raise the visibility and showcase the impact of immigrant businesswomen in the community

  • Transform our weaknesses into strengths

our guiding principle

our mission

To build an open, safe, and encouraging community of immigrant businesswomen that empowers leadership and growth in each other through meaningful connections

how we work

our current strategies

  • Problem solving – address a business problem brought in by a member

  • Keynotes (personal stories)

  • Networking – focus on business advancement

  • Expert guest speakers

  • Relationship or skill building activities

  • Social

  • Acknowledge and celebrate each other’s successes

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