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In this episode of the Immigrant Businesswomen Circle Member Spotlight hosted by IBWC Founder & accomplished Entrepreneur, Beatriz McNelly meets with Blanca D’Levy, a long-time member of IBWC.

How did an immigrant, and a woman at that, successfully build her own business when English is only her second language? In this episode, Blanca D’Levy, Independent Licensed Insurance Agent – Health, Life & Medicare , discusses her journey to become a successful entrepreneur as an immigrant business woman.

Plus, learn more about how her passion and commitment to help others has inspired her to be in this industry. Don’t miss an episode of the IBWC podcast to hear more success stories from the immigrant businesswomen community.

Hi, I am Blanca! I am the founder & president of ByBs Group. I am a licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent and Advisor in 15 states of the United States. I’m passionate about providing a great experience to my customers because I know how tough choosing the correct insurance plan is. Hablo español.

When my second daughter Debi was born prematurely, she endured a series of medical procedures in the span of 6 months, which made me realize how important having health insurance is, but also, how difficult it is to find an option that suits your needs and budget, and how it gets even harder for immigrants like me. That was the moment in which I realized I wanted to help others by sharing the experience I obtained.

Blanca D’Levy

Today I am not only a licensed agent in 15 states of the United States, but I am also an advisor, I do not seek to only sell policies, instead, I like to offer advice and experience to the people who put their trust in me to help them make a tough and important choice. For me, my clients are not just clients; I deeply care about them, and it is truly an interest of mine to be able to give my clients the attention they need, and the best insurance plan for them.

When you decide to work together with me, I guarantee the following:

  • I will talk to you and find out more about what your needs are.
  • I will carefully review the plans that meet all your requirements.
  • Generate comparative quotes.
  • Share these options with you via Meet, where I’ll be able to show you the plans you may be interested in.

Throughout your whole experience, I guarantee I will provide great customer service which is one of my top priorities. I am committed to advice and help you during the life of your policy and even after it: my doors will always be open if anybody needs me!

It is my joy & commitment to help you & your family with your Health Care Coverage, including Dental, Vision, Critical Illness, Income & Life Protector.

Health Insurance

Medical insurance helps you cover costs such as doctor’s fees, medical bills, exams, and medications.

It protects you against high and unlooked-for expenses. It helps you pay less for more and protects you even before you reach your deductible. Besides, it offers you many other significant benefits.

Dental Insurance

Protects you from costly interventions while you recover. Dental coverage reduces dental care costs that would have been paid on your own if the service hadn’t been acquired.

Critical Illness Coverage

Protect your loved ones, your savings, and financial obligations in the event of any life-threatening condition.

Critical Illness coverage gives you financial aid and benefits for your and your family’s peace of mind.

Vision Coverage

Vision insurance is a complementary service designed to help you cover and finance your expenses for ongoing eye care, such as routine eye exams, glasses, lenses, and contacts.

Income Coverage

Income Protection pays you monthly benefits if you become totally disabled due to a covered accident while you are actively at work.

Can help you pay your bills for up to 12 months by providing monthly benefits to assist you with bill payments and general expenses.

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