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By Harriet Duleep, Ph.D., Mark Regets, Ph.D., and Guillermo Cantor, Ph.D

How Family-Based Immigrants Thrive in America

“Much has been debated about family-based immigration and the critical role families play in the adaptation, integration, and wellbeing of newcomers. But some confusion exists regarding the economic aspects of family-based immigration. To help unpack those aspects, this report focuses on one of them— namely, the earnings of family-based immigrants.


The inverse relationship between immigrants’ entry earnings and earnings growth suggests that the differences between family-based and employment-based immigration are more nuanced than they might first appear.

Our analysis of 1993−1998 INS public use files and the 2000 decennial census and 2008 American Community Survey indicates that employment-based immigrants initially out-earn family-based immigrants.29 By the very nature of their admission into the country, The Immigrant Success Story: How Family-Based Immigrants Thrive in America I 8 employment-based immigrants are sought out by employers who want workers with highly transferable skills that can be put to use immediately.

30 Family-based immigrants, however, have a higher propensity to invest in new human capital (their own education and training), which translates into higher earnings growth over time compared to employment-based immigrants. 31 Employment-based immigrants enter the United States with skills linked to specific employment.”

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